Co - Scholastic

School tries to inculcate personal and social qualities like regularity, punctuality, discipline, cleanliness and healthy attitude towards teachers, school mates and a positive inclination towards all the school programmes. To develop the overall personality various co-curricular activities are organized throughout the year. School imbibes skills in students like creative writing, language skills, Elocution, dramatics, Dance, games, Sports, and Arts activities.


RAWALIANS SPEECH COMPETITION: with an aim of developing oratory skills everywhere we organise Inter Rawalian Speech Competition. (both in English And Hindi) for the last two years running trophy is held by RIS

Names of Olympiad achievers

  • Anshuman won mini LAPTOP IN Maths Olympiad
  • Mohit Goyal succeeded in placing himself in 1st rank (national) in Maths Olympiad and hence rewarded with a cash prize of 5,000 Rs.
  • Tisha of class 6th t a tablet in G.K. Olympiad
  • Daksh of class 3rd won a tablet in G.K. Olympiad